The Journey Begins

         What makes you happy the most? For me, it is to travel and eat. BUT do you know what I love more, it is when I get to travel for FREE and eat at amazing places while on a budget! Find out how. 

Have you ever gone to a place and when you see a name of a restaurant or any other food chain, you quickly grab your phone and you tend to check google or your food app first and see how many stars they earned and $$ you need to spend? Anyone guilty of that? It is alright, I’m at the same page as you are. I am pretty sure some people get upset with me because it takes me forever to order and I ask so many questions. I’ll be like, “what are you gonna order?” Or like, “oh everything looks good but I don’t know what to get. Let me check some reviews on their site” Before I know it, time flew by and I still haven’t figured out what I want. These phone apps really help me in a way to make up my mind and save time.  My boyfriend always order the tastiest meal so I always end up eating his food TOO (SHOUTOUT to all the best BFs out there, HAHAHA) He HATES it when I take a picture of food before eating it, (HATE is probably a strong word that I shouldn’t use here, haha). Sometimes I think twice of eating a food that is so presentable because it is just so pretty to eat. (You probably figured out by now how weird I am) Thou sometimes I get biased by reviews (actually most of the time), I usually pick my order based on the picture and what other people recommend. It is a hit or miss and most of the time, I regret putting so much thought into it and just hate myself for completely falling into it.

      There are a lot of factors that affects your dining experience, whether it is the picture of a certain food that makes your mouth ohh so watery, rude customer service, the long waiting lines and so forth, it just never end. Why can’t I just go with what I’m craving for, why do I have to look…. WHYYY! Don’t you just hate it when you are completely smitten to someone because of how they look? And they end up being a troll the more you look closer? Or when some people totally love them but you are one of those few % that just not feeling it? Lesson learned. Don’t do this, don’t let other people cloud your judgement and cravings.. And I personally don’t like waiting so if I have a chance, I would go to a certain place in the middle of the week or the day. If it is inevitable, I’ll munch on some snacks before going in so I don’t get “hangry” waiting. It just depends if I feel like waiting or not but most of the time I don’t.

      I have heard bad reviews about these type of apps from my friends and I do understand where they are coming from. Even when food establishment get 5 stars which is the perfect score from the consumers, there will always be a few of them who will not be satisfied with their service. Consumers usually based it if the food is worth the price, flexibility of the food (if they offer dietary menu etc) and the customer service that they received from their waiters the moment they came through the door. Hence if you look it up, majority of these places have negative reviews here and there. They are run by people just like us so they can never be perfect. And just like you, I’ve been to places where it was love at first bite but ended up getting tummy ache, the worse customer service or waited for hours to get in. After all, we don’t eat at fancy restaurants all the time where we can book a table in advance. Life is not perfect my friends, it will always be one way or another. We all have different taste buds but how do I know which are the places that are worth the calories and $$ when you are on the road. Even I have still yet to uncover that.

       I have done some research and still on the quest for hunting the best places to eat  and how to travel for free by using credit cards rewards program. I have created this blog so I can reach out to you and help people like me who loves to travel and eat, but always on a budget. It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant, it can be a recipe, a hole in the wall, or a mom and pop restaurant, a food truck, whatever it is.. Let’s start!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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