what’s on my wallet

A few months ago, I started looking into the best credit card rewards program. I have my regular debit and credit card from the same bank but this is different. Now many of you will say that having a credit card is a big headache. It is true, its a big rensponsibility however if you use it wisely, you will not end up in debt and you’ll realize how much value it really holds up. Having a credit card is not for everybody, you have to be accountable for your own actions and spending habits and obviously you have to be working to pay it off by the end of the month. Now I was inspired by so many people who get to travel for free and earn a living out of it while staying in nice places. How do they do that? I wanna travel too but how, I work full time job and only get 2 weeks vacation a yr sometimes less because of the holidays. I make a decent amount of money but living in the Bay Area is pretty expensive. One day I woke up and told myself I can not be working all the time. This may be true for most of us but I wanted to do more out of my life, I am young and inspired to see the world. I need to find out how these people do it and so I did.

I have been a loyal customer of AMEX for years. In fact, majority of the people have either VISA, AMEX or Mastercard when traveling. Some establishments don’t accept AMEX cards so I always have my VISA card just in case. I invested on AMEX Platinum because of all the benefits and perks when you travel. A little steep thou for the fee but it outweighs the benefits and you’ll realize that you’ll get your money back later on from all the perks you’ll get. I received it on a mail in a box wrapped like a gift and the card is so precious! It better be as I pay $$ for the annual fee, lol. It is metal, you can tell that it is so fancy because of how heavy it is. (Not too heavy, just a lil) I was able to earn their bonus points when you use your card and spend $5,000 in 3 months. How? I have paid our mortgage, car insurance, bought our groceries and booked our trip to Seattle in which I earned 5 points per dollar and so forth. By the end of the month, you’ll have to pay it off so you don’t accrue interest. We pay with cash anyway so why not use your credit card and earn points so you can travel for free? I earned 60,000 points in the first month of having the card. To top it off, I got $3000 off for my new car through their AMEX Auto Purchasing Program. Check out American Express Platinum for more detailed infos. This may not be for everyone but this is based on my own experience.

My precious!!!

I also got the Chase Business Card, I buy gift cards and office supplies for my work at Staples or Office Depot and pay our utilities like cable, internet, phone bills, for every dollar I spend I earn 5 points each.  No annual fee for the first year and since it is a cash card, you have to transfer it to another Chase Card that has Ultimate Rewards so you’ll get the maximum value of % return value. You may redeem your rewards for gift cards, travel and goods and services offered through Chase’s rewards program. If you redeem for cash, you can receive your money in the form of an account statement credit or through an electronic deposit into an eligible US checking or savings account. I personally will just redeem it through one of Chase’s Travel partners but depending on what type of Ultimate Reward’s card you have, you’ll get different value for your points. And since I opened up two cards this year, I am going to wait till next year to open up another one from them. See Chase Credit Cards to learn more and compare the best card for you.


So that’s all I have in my wallet my friends, what’s in yours?


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  1. BANK OF AMERICA TRAVEL CARD! You also earn points and even extra points for purchasing any travel tickets or booking accommodations. In return, you can use those points to pay off those credit so worth et!

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