Moving to America didn’t just help me to become who I am today, it is more than that. I have learned to become more compassionate and courteous to other people. I mean, I have learned all the “good manners and right conduct” back home but I was molded to become better and heard my own voice. Greeting strangers that you see at the park walking or even at the store, just a simple hi and a smile can make other people’s day. I was always told not to talk to strangers, but here it is different. I mean you still have to use your judgement but I have learned to say “hi, thank you and please” with a smile. Or sometimes, if you are at work or with your friends and the weekend is coming up or it is over, you ask them how it was or if they have any plans. These simple things make you feel that someone cares about what you’ve been up to and they want to hear your voice. People wanna hear your stories and you may wanna hear what they have to say too. It helps with that depression and sadness that the world has become.

   Life is about communicating, talking about your dreams, what you accomplished and sharing it with others is the most precious thing.

It is not always about you, it is about other people too. It is not bragging, it is about sharing and telling others how awesome you are and that they can be too! It is hard to show that the world can be a better place if some people are not happy. Let’s help each other, it starts with you and I. Now that the weekend is coming up, it is time to relax… Enjoy life. Spend time with your family and friends. Be thankful that the week is almost over and you are still alive. Always say please and thank you, say hi to that person at the elevator, smile and be nice even if the world is not.

Love always.

The Travel Forks xx

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash


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