Last night was my sister’s 21st birthday, we decided to celebrate it casually by going to an Italian restaurant in Berkeley. My coworkers have been raving about this quaint restaurant in Elmwood, a residential neighborhood in Berkeley, California with some parts of it being commercial area. I was a little skeptical about driving there because of parking but decided to take the car anyway to get there soon enough after work.

Elmwood at night.
Walking to the restaurant with different shops along the street.
The Italian restaurant.

It was a very nice evening, the restaurant was small and walking in to this place is so cozy and warm. We felt welcomed, the staff was very attentive and we were seated right away since I have made a reservation. We started of with their house wine and a bread with their olive oil. Man, their house wine was so good! I forgot to ask our waiter what it was, I’m not really a “wino” but it was very smooth. Their bread was okay, a lil tough but the olive oil with garlic to dip it in was so good. And just a heads up, you will be charge $1 per person for the bread and olive oil.

Cozy upstairs where we were seated.
Authentic Italian Decor, felt like I was in a different country 🇮🇹
The famous Olio della Mama dipping oil made to perfection with parsley, garlic and anchovies. You can purchase this for $13 travel bottle.

I was going to get the squid ink pasta but since I wore a white top, the waiter have suggested to order something else that will not stain my clothes. I had their Linguine Tutto Mare which has the clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari and fresh tomato sauce with parsley. This reminded me of eating cioppino with linguine pasta. It was a very good pasta dish but I loved my sister’s Puttanesca Alla Siciliana. The Italian tomato sauce was made into perfection with capers and sicilian olives and although it didn’t come with any meat, you will not regret getting it. It was very tasty! Paired it with their house wine and you’ll feel like you are in Italy yourself. I haven’t been to Italy myself but if that what it feels like being there then I might just live there and be in heaven everyday.

Linguine Tutto Mare
Puttanesca Alla Siciliana

I did not know you can order family size here which means you can double the size of your pasta or triple it and they will charge you based on the size you want it to be. Next time we know better. Our waiter being Italian himself, have poured us some more wine to finish the bottle of house wine they have on the shelf. I was a happy camper, I really love their house wine! They also got my sister a cake with candle on it and sang “Happy Birthday” in Italian, it was the nicest thing. She loved it, as so as my mom and I.

The birthday girl with her tiramisu cake, made with rum and espresso sponge cake with sweet mascarpone and chocolate cream. It was moist and soooo good!


We all enjoyed our food and the overall dining experience. As we left this place, we cannot wait to come back again and looking forward for our next visit. Their famous Stinco D’ Agnello and the Porchetta al Forno will be next on my list


Grazie Trattoria La Siciliana! 



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