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      Hi there. My name is Noel, I grew up in the Philippines and moved to US. When I was younger, I have dreamed and imagined going on trips with my family. Traveling and learning different languages I thought was the coolest thing to do. Do you remember those times in your history class when they ask you to memorize each country’s description and it was just so hard because, who really cares about them anyway??? Will I really need history class when I go to Nursing school or apply for a job? I was young and naive and I needed to pass so my parents will not beat me (yes i’m Asian), I studied hard and my fascination about learning more about their culture grew. I belong to a middle class family back home, if we are lucky enough to have extra money, we go at least once a year to see my grandparents which is 5 hours away or spend a day at the beach close to home. It was a rough ride and I am one of those who gets car sick! Haha! I grew up with bad experience traveling, I dreaded going on long bus rides because I was just not used to it!

       As many of you know, Filipinos love to eat. We just love food so much, we always look forward to any gatherings that we can go to. If there is one thing I love just as much as eating, it will definitely be traveling. I have always been inspired by people who travel. Just like most of you, I have also thought about how expensive it is. It can be, but I have discovered things just like the credit card rewards program that help you earn points and redeem it for a hotel stay or airline ticket. I will never forget how scared I was going on my first trip on my birthday. It has changed me in so many ways of who I am today. Traveling has humbled me and gave me the perspective that the world is not all about you. It made me feel grateful of things that I have in life that I am taking for granted because I am blindsided of what the society expects from me. Traveling has helped me reach and know my best self in so many ways.

      But do you know what I love EVEN more than food and traveling? Its when they both go together, but combining these can be really expensive and stressful sometimes.

      Join me as I go on a quest in finding the must try food when you travel and tips on how to earn airline ticket and hotel stay for free. We can all share our very own experiences and help fellow nomads travel on a budget and choose the right food places and recipes that is worth the calories and $$. Looking forward to hearing your stories and adventure. xx

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